Bungalow remodel of Greenacres, Glastonbury, Somerset for Greenacres Camping
Planning permission was received from Mendip District Council for the extensive alterations and the addition of a first floor to this existing bungalow in the open countryside of North Wootton. The clients have a large family and so five extra bedrooms were designed into the first floor extensions. All sleeping accommodation is now on the first floor and all living and working areas are on the ground floor. The construction of the sustainable home took place on a fast track programme and was completed on time. The project was short listed in the Homebuilding & Renovating magazine design awards. Known as ‘Greenacres Campsite’ it is listed in the Cool Camping Guide and is used for Glastonbury Festival campers. We have now become bungalow remodel specialists! And can increase the value of your property. This house recently sold for £1,200,000. Only 5 minutes away from Glastonbury Festival!













  1. Graham says:

    lovely remodelling of an existing property. Would be great to see a couple of pictures of the before state! Great project.

  2. Anonymous says:


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