The Garden Office, Coleford, Somerset
A popular alternative to an extension this summerhouse in the garden provides a separate and independent annex for both living and working. With good insulation and underfloor heating and a shower room the office can also be used as a self contained guest room for the main house or let out as an airbnb. Positioned on a prominent hillside location the building can be viewed as contemporary gem in the landscape in contrast to traditional houses in the area. Large south facing windows provide natural light and good views of the countryside giving a pleasant work space for homeworking. The summerhouse will blend in time with the garden and surroundings through the use of natural and sustainable materials such as timber cladding and a grass roof. The client was impressed with our work and retained us for two further projects and gives good recommendations for our services, as per the comments below. Selected for the 2011 RIBA Forty Best Small Projects Awards. Proved to be a great asset during this time for self isolation and working from home during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis


  1. Philip Goodwin says:

    Michael designed this for us and ten years on from when it was built, we couldn’t have made a better decision. The design has been perfect as a studio / workspace providing much needed solitude away from the main house. The building has now completely merged into the garden as the planting around it has matured so that the grass roof almost melts into the rest of the landscaping. We also use the space as a peaceful guestroom with its self-contained toilet and shower. It has been brilliant for both us and a godsend, particularly at this time during the COVID-19 Coronavirus

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